LOGOS PLUS, School of foreign languages and computing, was founded in April, 2006.

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LOGOS PLUS is a School of foreign languages and computing, and this is also an institution which is dedicated to promote foreign languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Albanian, Greek, Russian, Hebrew  and Macedonian for foreigners.

LOGOS PLUS is an institution dedicated to promoting the use of Microsoft Office, as well as an institution dedicated to providing high-quality translations from English to Macedonian, German to Macedonian, Italian to Macedonian and vice versa.

LOGOS PLUS offers language courses for all ages and language levels, computer courses and all kinds of translation, such as written and legal translation as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

All our foreign language courses are designed to meet the needs of our students – whether they need a foreign language for work, essay writting for travel,  for foreign language examinations or just for pleasure.

All our computer courses are aimed at achieving successful office work with computers and basic computer programs.

LOGOS PLUS provides clients with high quality translations of all kinds and areas/fields, certified by the legal translators employed at our company.

Our goal, as LOGOS Plus, school of Foreign Languages and Computing, is by creating a new image, to establish a professional but friendly relationship with our clients, who are in the center of our activities, and to fully satisfy their needs.